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November 4, 2014


On November 4, 2014, voters of Reeths-Puffer Schools will be asked to vote on a renewal of the operating millage for 11 years.  This proposal exempts principal residence and qualified agricultural property and is not a tax increase.  This will allow Reeths-Puffer Schools to continue to collect the same 18 mills which voters have previously approved.  This millage is levied on non-homestead property such as apartment buildings, rental homes, vacation properties, some vacant land, and commercial and industrial properties.
There will be no impact to homeowners, and no increase to any Reeths-Puffer Schools taxpayer as a result of this vote.


Ballot Proposal at a Glance  Link arrow


Actual Ballot Language   Link arrow


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Reeths-Puffer Schools

Located in Rocket City, U.S.A.

You won't find Rocket City on a map, but it does exist.  Your GPS won't locate Rocket City either, but it's definitely a destination worth reaching. 


Rocket City is Reeths-Puffer Schools.  Our border stretches over five different townships, but our mission focuses on only one goal:  success.  Success for our students in the classroom, in college, and in life.  Success for our families who roll up their sleeves and care for a school system second to none.  Success for an unrivaled faculty fueled by innovation and compassion, and educated by over 250 college degrees. 


Get involved.  Learn how to Adopt-A-Classroom    Link arrow


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Rocket City isn't like any other city, because Reeths-Puffer isn't like any other school.  You won't find Rocket City on a map, and you won't find a better place to launch your academic career. 
Rocket City USA is Reeths-Puffer Schools.



Bus Safety and Bus Laws


Attached is a video reminder on bus laws in the State of Michigan.  What do you do when a bus has the yellow lights flashing?  What do the red flashing lights mean?  Watch the short video clip for answers and keep our kids safe.  Link arrow


2014-15 Bus Routes  Link arrow


Information from the Superintendent  Link arrow
  • Strategic Plan 
  • Mission Statement
  • Michigan Common Core State Standards - Facts parents need to know and understand  Link arrow


Emergency Drill Log

In accordance with the new law, school districts are required to post on their website a log of drills that have taken place during the school year.  Click here to view Reeths-Puffer's 2014-15 Emergency Drill Log.

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Visit the Reeths-Puffer School Store web site.  If you'd like to see the merchandise first hand, the store is open at all indoor high school home events, from 2:45 to 4:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and during daily lunch hours.  


Preschool Information

White Lake Area Community Education's free preschool programs have openings in Head Start and Great Start Readiness, with classrooms at RPEL, Central, Twin Lake and McMillan Elementary. 


Call (231) 893-1091 for more information and to register your 3 or 4 year old!


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