Technology and Security 4 Students

On February 25, 2014, voters in Muskegon County approved a one-mill property tax increase to improve technology and security within Muskegon County’s public schools. The MAISD Technology & Security Enhancement Millage was the first of its kind in Muskegon County. Although funds flow through the MAISD, school leaders and elected school boards of education had complete control and oversight of their expenditures.

Some key items below were items funded with the help of the enhancement millage:

  • Purchased Chromebook devices for student use

  • Implemented a safety/security app that provides guidance in the event of a crisis.

  • Replaced the district core and edge network switching infrastructure

  • Implemented classroom security alert system - District Wide

  • Upgraded the district's wireless network infrastructure

  • Installed visual one-way security window coverings in high-traffic areas

  • Expanded the external door security throughout the district, including adding a secure vestibule to every building.

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