Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson , 14 days ago

RPMS Daily Schedule: Start (7:43) and End (2:38)
Half Day Schedule: Start (7:43) and End (10:53)

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson , about 17 hours ago

Half-day this Friday 9/20/19. The middle school will release at 10:53.

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson , about 17 hours ago

The message below was emailed to parents today. Please note that there is a half-day this Friday, September 20th. Dismissal is 10:53.

Good Afternoon,

We are off to an amazing start. Thank you for your partnership in making it great. Below are a few important announcements:

We want to give you a heads up to check backpacks for two things. Any student that ordered school pictures at registration should have brought home their package last week or today. Also, 8th grade students should be bringing home an M-STEP score report from last year. We will send the seventh grade reports home as soon as we get them.

Make Up Picture Day is September 24th. For any student not at registration or needing a retake, we will call them down throughout the morning.

As we practice routines and procedures to start the year, we want to be certain your student is familiar with the safety routines in the building. We will be talking about fire drills, tornado drills, and also what to do if there is ever a threat in or around the building. Our procedures were developed with the support of local and national law enforcement and will always be taught in a supportive and developmentally appropriate way. We will be talking on Thursday and I wanted to give you a heads-up so you could have the conversation at home.

In regards to school safety, we will also teach students how important it is to notice and report things around them that seem unsafe (no matter how small it may seem). Our goal is that students feel comfortable talking to an adult. We also teach students about an anonymous way to report called OK2SAY (click here) which is sponsored by the Michigan State Police Department. Our 8th grade student should be familiar, but we will be refreshing with all students this week. Feel free to check out Mrs. Mitchelson's video (here).

Friday is our first half day- dismissal is 10:53.

Have a great day. Go Rockets!

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson , about 20 hours ago

Students reviewed all of the features that our library has to offer by a participating in an “Amazing Race”. We love it when our library is full of students AND energy. Our library is well used at RPMS!

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Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson , 4 days ago

RPMS raised money today for Northside Vets and had a fun time doing it. Things got a little messy with our pies this morning, during lunch, and after school. The students did not hold back! Follow the link below for more details and MORE PHOTOS. Thank you to the student leaders, donors, volunteers to clean, and staff for jumping in to help support a deserving group.

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