Virtual Rocket Landing

RPTLE has enjoyed bringing all learners together at the end of the day on Fridays.  We call this Rocket Landing. This is an opportunity to share successes, and announce our latest Rocket STARS, Red Bandanna Kids and to highlight learning in our classrooms.

We knew that we wanted to continue this celebration. Knowing that we needed to socially distance our learners, we decided to hold our Rocket Landings virtually.  Every Friday, each classroom joins a Google Meet and we share the week's good news.

One of our celebrations is to highlight "lead learners".   This gives our kids an opportunity to share what they're learning in their classrooms and offers everyone the chance to learn what's happening in different classrooms.  

We have been inviting our Rocket Virtual learners to Rocket Landing each week.  This week, Mrs. Salazar, our RV mentor, chose a lead learner who is learning virtually.  She chose Rebecca Blaser, one of our first graders.

Rebecca shared what she is learning virtually in science.  She shared a little experiment about light and did a great job explaining.  Rocket three to Rebecca!

We will continue to celebrate the great things that are happening, face to face and virtually during this challenging time.  Our kids are worth it!