Don’t forget that today is a half day! School dismisses at 10:55am! Stay safe next week.
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2021 Bond Proposal:
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Reeths-Puffer Schools Bond Proposal 2021 Video:
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Don’t forget that today is a half day! School dismisses at 10:55am.
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Meet our Parent Support Partner, Chace Willard! CHACE CAN HELP • Navigate resources for parents that have youth with complex needs • Connect with other parents with similar lived experience • Advocate alongside you when working with the school or a child-serving system
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Chace Willard
Reeths-Puffer Schools was awarded a Drug-Free Communities Support Program grant by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The $125,000 annual grant, renewable for 5 years, will support the Straight Talk About Tough Stuff (STATS) Coalition focused on youth vaping tobacco and drug use prevention.
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Free flu shots through Dec. 12 at Meijer!
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Good morning Parents and Guardians, There was no “playbook” for how to “do school” in a pandemic. As such, we’ve researched, learned, implemented, adjusted, succeeded in some cases, and temporarily failed in other cases. One thing we haven’t done is stopped trying to do our best for our kids. One thing we’ve heard consistently from parents about our “virtual or remote” environment is “We want R-P teachers teaching our kids.” Well, while it won’t be easy, we have figured out how to make that happen, while still honoring every request for either F2F (face-to-face) or virtual. If you want to learn the specifics, at the end of this message is a 14 minute YouTube video where I explain what will likely be happening for the 2nd semester. The video was created for us to use as a springboard for preparing for 2nd semester. It is relevant to each of you and your students as you prepare for the 2nd semester, beginning on January 25, 2021. If you don’t want to watch the video, here is the “gist”: Whether you choose F2F or Virtual, it will be with a Reeths-Puffer teacher. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, and they are spelled out in the video. IF you fell in love with Edmentum first semester and would be devastated to not have it, we have a limited number of licenses for 2nd semester. You would just need to let your child’s building Principal know that. Because this is NEW information (R-P teachers teaching virtual), it is only fair to re-survey people to get their choice based upon this new information. Expect a survey to come out from your student’s building Principal this week. I’m asking that you consider your choice and we need 100% of parents to complete the survey. At the deadline of the most recent survey, only 79% of people had made a choice. We can’t make great decisions for kids and staff without accurate information. The survey will literally be one question; F2F or virtual for the 2nd semester. FOR SPECIFIC DETAILS- Please watch the video NEXT STEPS- 100% completion of 2nd semester survey Here is a link to the video: Stay well, Rockets! Sincerely, Steve
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Don't forget that meal pickup is today and Thursday from 12-1pm on Stadium Drive! Just pull up to the cafeteria and we will take it from there! Stay Safe Rockets!
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Parents, Share this video with your students, or have them check their email from me. Have a great day Rockets! Mr. P
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Apply for meal benefits for your students at will walk you through the process in just a few minutes. Your completed application will be sent to your school district so your children can receive benefits quickly and confidentially.
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Don’t forget that tomorrow is a half day! School ends at 10:55am!
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Don’t forget that we have a half day tomorrow! School is done at 10:55am!
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School Start and End Times: Regular Days 7:45-1:05 (doors open at 7:35) Half Days 7:45-10:55 (doors open at 7:35) -- No lunch served
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We are asking ALL Reeths-Puffer families to complete our lunch application at It may not seem relevant, but significant district funding is tied to this. Please help by completing your application now! **Thank you**
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Families, please respond to this survey to help us understand your transportation and child care needs.
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RPI Families, here is an FAQ as relates to our current planning and thinking as it relates to the start of school!
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Struggling with housing? Facing eviction? Community Encompass may be able to help! You can find more information on the state Eviction Diversion Program here:,4641,7-141-5555-533463--,00.html
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