Steve Edwards
ESB Staff
Rob Renes
Assistant Superintendent
ESB Staff
Cheryl Schauer
Administrative Assistant for Superintendent
ESB Staff
Tracey French
Director of Finance
ESB Staff
Paula Morris
Accounts Payable Supervisor
ESB Staff
Megan Fecho
Payroll Supervisor
ESB Staff
Scott Green
Special Education Director, NSU
ESB Staff
Kim Burmeister
Special Education Secretary
ESB Staff
Jera Adams
Special Education Supervisor
ESB Staff
Lisa Smitt
Special Education Supervisor
ESB Staff
Nate Smith
Director of Instruction and Learning
ESB Staff
Tammy Mackey
Curriculum Secretary
ESB Staff
Adam Ingalls
Director of Operations
ESB Staff
Tammy Berson
Maintenance Secretary
ESB Staff
Pam Turner
Director of State/Federal Programs & Grants
ESB Staff