The bus driver must pay full attention to driving the bus safely. When pupils do not behave while riding the bus, it becomes very difficult for the driver to pay full attention to driving. Accidents occur when drivers cannot pay full attention to the responsibility of driving the bus safely. All school rules are in effect while riding school busses.

The bus driver is in complete charge at all times. Students are not to question the driver’s authority.

For your safety and that of others, please observe the following rules. The number behind each rule indicates the number of points that will be given for each infraction.

The following will be handled by the transportation department:

1. Disrespect for other students or the driver (3)

2. Littering on the school bus (1)

3. Not being at the bus stop at scheduled time (1)

4. Riding on unassigned bus without approval (2)

5. Being in the roadway or not behaving at the bus stop (2)

6. Not exiting at designated stop (2). Changes must be in writing.

7. Talking in a loud voice or shouting while on the bus (3)

8. Not sitting properly or not sitting in an assigned seat (2)

9. Improper entering or exiting of bus, not obeying the crossing signal (3)

10. Eating or drinking on the bus without permission of the driver (3)

11. Failure to keep head and/or hands inside bus at all times (3)

12. Throwing objects on the bus or out the windows of the bus (3)

13. Use of any spray container on the bus (3)

14. Other failure to obey driver or bus rule (3)

The following misconduct will be handled by the Principal’s staff and is subject to additional discipline:

15. Use of profane or vulgar language or the use of obscene gestures (3)

16. Blatant disrespect or disobedience of driver (5)

17. Harassment (physical, verbal or sexual) of any other person on the bus (5)

18. Improper use of or tampering with the emergency door or equipment (7)

19. Spitting, biting, hitting, pulling hair or improper touching of another person (7)

The following misconduct will be handled by the Principal’s staff, but may also be reported to the POLICE. These acts may result in expulsion from school and/or loss of transportation privileges.

20. All criminal acts:

Vandalism – willful destruction or damage of property

Explosives – possession or use of any explosive device (including fireworks)

Tobacco Products – possession or use of such unlawful products

Lighters or matches

Assault and/or Battery

Illegal substances or look-alike drugs – possession or use

Alcohol – use or possession

Indecent Exposure of one’s private parts or SEXUAL ACT of any nature

Weapons – possession or use of illegal knives, guns, razors, etc.

Action regarding these matters are based on accumulated points as follows:

One Day Suspension – 1 to 3 points

Three Day Suspension – 4 to 6 points

Five Day Suspension – 7 to 14 points

Ten Day Suspension – 15 to 19 points

Remainder of Year Suspension – 20 or more points