Reeths-Puffer Elementary is located at 874 E. Giles Road and shares a campus with Reeths-Puffer Intermediate and Reeths-Puffer High School.  Proximity to the high school provides lots of opportunities to use the amazing facilities there including Rocket Center for the Performing Arts and Rocket Stadium.  Reeths-Puffer Elementary is recognized as a Michigan Evergreen School, the highest Green School designation available.  Students, parents, and staff participate in a number of "green" activities like the community garden, recycling program, raising money and awareness for endangered species, composting and a community support agriculture (CSA) program.  Reeths-Puffer Elementary is proud of the many initiatives within the school that helps students meet their various learning needs while they are at school.  A Motor Sensory Room is available to many students to develop their core strength.  There is also a school-wide calming area to assist with student's social emotional needs.

Child climbing on rock wall

The Rocket Motor Sensory Room includes a number of physical learning activities for improving balance, strength, and coordination.

Children running on the track

All RPEL students enjoy a Track and Field day in Rocket Stadium in the spring.