Technology Vision

We used to describe our world as becoming increasingly more complex as a result of the technological invasion. This engine may have shifted gears. Technologies are now realizing their true potential, in simplifying that which used to be complex. The amount of effort and technical knowledge needed to accomplish so many things is becoming minimal.

Today, technology is far less something we must talk about, learn about or acquire. It has become a part of who we are. It influences the contexts in which we communicate, learn, work and play. Technology is becoming the world’s equalizer, making it possible for anyone to open a business, influence politics, develop relationships, and solve problems. In this “flattened” world, economics may no longer be the greatest factor in determining who will be successful.

Our challenge is to ensure all students have the basic technological literacy skills necessary to effectively and responsibly use the technologies available to them. Fulfilling the “effective” part of this challenge will be the easy part. The greater challenge we face may be to impart responsibility.

Thinking of using the world’s technologies in a responsible manner brings to mind the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” (Voltaire, 1832) We now live in a world where anyone with a voice or a product or a solution can be empowered. Our students need to navigate this world safely and intelligently as consumers of goods, services, and information. Our students will need to participate in the global conversation and thrive in the global marketplace. To responsibly do so will require effective communication, savvy navigation, discernment, good judgment, and a new kind of grace and poise.


The District’s strategic plan has four BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS.
Progress toward the achievement of these goals will inherently depend on technology.

  1. NO Boundaries, NO Limits Anytime, Anyplace, Any Level Learning
  2. 100% Plugged In Every Child Connected to an "Out of School", Coordinated, Value Added Activity
  3. Green & Clean Environmentally & Economically Independent
  4. On-Demand, Continuous, and Personalized Communication

Technology must be integrated into the educational process and content as a tool that enhances and expands learning for all students. Students and staff must adopt a frame of mind that technology is no longer just something we talk about, learn about and acquire. It needs to be considered a part of who we are.

Technology Goals

  1. Student curriculum opportunities will be enhanced by technology.
  2. Student achievement in core areas will improve as the result of technology integration.
  3. Technology tools will facilitate highly effective internal and external communication.
  4. Teachers will enhance instruction through the use of powerful, seamless and transparent technologies.
  5. Teachers will use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practice.
  6. Teachers will use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents and the larger community.
  7. Infrastructure and support systems will be maintained at optimum levels for efficiency, interoperability and capacity.