Be Nice.

That’s it; end of story. Be NICE!

What a wonderful world we would live in if that were truly the “end of the story.”

If “nice” was always our filter, we could laugh more without feeling silly, interact more without feeling defensive, and love more without feeling overly vulnerable.

Schools are a microcosm of society. As such, we deal with every societal ill that is “nice” and NOT nice. Physiologically and psychologically, kids can’t learn at their peak when they don’t feel physically and emotionally safe. EVERY kid should feel safe at school. EVERY kid should feel safe at home. EVERY kid should have EVERY chance to reach their full potential without worrying about distractions to learning.

To that end, while far from perfect, our District has invested heavily in helping to stem any type of mean or aggressive behavior, whether isolated or in patterns. As you will read in this edition of Rocket City News, every building has implemented “PBIS” (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), Be NICE (Notice, Invite, Challenge, Empower) and our District has hired multiple adults whose ONLY jobs are to help our kids navigate this type of behavior. Is it perfect? Not yet. Do we recognize societies’ NEED? Absolutely.

I hope you enjoy reading about our efforts in this edition, and I hope you will join us in helping our society “Be NICE!”