1. Reeths-Puffer Schools will transport students who reside in the district in grades 1 through 12 beyond one (1) mile from the school they attend.
  2. Fifth through twelfth grade students may be required to walk up to one mile to a school bus stop.
  3. All kindergarten students living between one-half and one mile from the school they attend will be transported.
  4. Kindergarten through grade four students may be required to walk up to one-half mile to a regular bus stop.
  5. Bus stops will be no closer than ¼ mile apart. Exceptions may be made only when a particular area may warrant additional stops.
  6. Students will be transported to and from a babysitter under the following conditions:

    * The sitter must be located in the Reeths-Puffer district on the bus route as it is set up for residents for that school year. No special routes will be available for transportation to and from the sitter’s home.

    * Arrangements made at the start of each school year, one address for pick up and one address for drop off, must remain consistent throughout that year to avoid liability and potential problems.

    * If and when a sitter is changed, notification must be made in writing to the driver and to the Transportation Office.

  7. No provision is made for students riding home with another student for any reason.
  8. Except for the specific policies as stated in one through seven, the guidelines and recommendation of the Department of Education shall be followed.