Bus Safety Rules

For your safety and that of others, please observe these rules:

  1. Be on time and board in a safe and orderly manner.
  2. Walk to your seat; remain seated with feet on floor and facing forward; share seats willingly.
  3. Keep aisles clear; hold belongings on lap. Do not bring live animals, skateboards, snowboards, scooters, glass containers and other fragile items or objects too large to be conveniently transported.
  4. Keep hands, feet, arms, legs, and all belongings inside the bus.
  5. Do not consume food, gum or drinks on the bus.
  6. Smoking or using other tobacco products is not permitted on the bus.
  7. Do not bring harmful objects – drugs, look-alike drugs, alcoholic beverages, weapons, matches, lighters, aerosol cans – aboard the bus.
  8. Leave the bus in a safe and orderly manner, through the front door only, and in full view of the driver. All crossing to the other side of road must be in front of the bus and with the driver’s signal.

Bus Safety Video