Rocket Scholars Foundation - Annual Fundraiser
Interested in supporting a great cause, seeing old friends from school, staff (both current and retired) and a group of people who support the Rockets with their time and resources? Look no further. The Rocket Scholars, $10,000 Ticket to the Future annual fundraiser is being held Thursday, March 26 downtown at the Hilt Building. A $100 ticket admits two and gives you a chance to win $10,000. Purchase a ticket on line. For more information, call 231 719-3104. Hope to see you there!

Alums: If you want your e-mail addresses listed after your graduation year, e-mail the Webmaster at webmaster@reeths-puffer.org. Specifically request that your name and e-mail be posted on this page.

Send name and address information to Julie Schropp at schroppj@reeths-puffer.org so that you can be included in the alumni database for reunions.

Alumni may post class reunions and other class information on this site by emailing the webmaster. Include information for a contact person and the date of the reunion.

Class of 1959

Janet Smith Sutherland - janetsutherland@frontier.com

Class of 1962

Contact Cheryl (Sherriff) Parmeter at cparmeter1@aol.com or Charles Buzzell at c_buzell@frontier.com

Class of 1964

Alan Van Brocklin - musalvb@tir.com

Class of 1966

Gerald (Jerry) Ellis - glellis3@comcast.net

Class of 1967

Paula Hoffman (Carr) - mailto:paulaehoffman@gmail.com

Lita Charland (Reeths) - catldy5@comcast.net

Class of 1971

Barbara Lundberg (Schmitt) - won_aye@yahoo.com

Class of 1972

Robert Nolan - robertjnolan@comcast.net

Doreen Stockwell - stockwd2000@yahoo.com

Class of 1975

RP Class of 75 40th Reunion

August 15, 2015 at the Lincoln Golf Course, 6:00 p.m.

For more information visit the R-P Class of 75,

40th Reunion Facebook page or contact:

Dorene Maple: 231-286-9507

Linda Siscoe: 231-744-6724

Ken Chester: 616-363-8826

Class of 1978

Carol J. Rudicil - Cjrudicil@aol.com

Class of 1979

Lori Mackenzie (Larson) - greeneyeslm@comcast.net

Laura Sikkenga (Syers) - lauramsik@aol.com

Class of 1980

Jackie Somerville (Lawie) - somerville5@verizon.net

Dirk Chilcote - dirkchilcote@gmail.com

Class of 1981

Renee Raulin-Whitaker - reneejw1085@aol.com

Todd Pekel - todd@union.edu.gr

Kim Kelly - beachkim@aol.com

Class of 1983

David Dusenberry - dusenb5@charter.net

Paula Scott - scottie1983rp@comcast.net

Class of 1984

Mike Disser - dissdog@hotmail.com

Kelly Gebolys (Smith) - kag8466@verizon.net or kagebolys@aaamichigan.com

Class of 1985

Contact Karen Russell Thomson (616-403-0666 or karenandphil@sbcglobal.net) or Mitch Dennison (mitch@masana.com). We also have a facebook page.

Class of 1986

Brenda Boterenbrood - bkboterenbroad@aol.com

Class of 1987

Debra (Taylor) Brauer - rpclassof87@yahoo.com

Class of 1988

Rob Hartman - hartmanrf@chartermi.net

David Cadle - sunfire2001c@yahoo.com

Class of 1989

Contact penny_rushing@yahoo.com

Class of 1990

Contact Janie (Ross) Mitchelson at 231-744-4721 for details

Class of 1991

Penny Cooper - granola44@yahoo.com

Class of 1992

Jane Wypa (Miklosovic) - jwypa@verizon.net

Patrick Ohaver - patc1996@msn.com

Amy Stenberg - amstenberg74@yahoo.com

Class of 1993

Joy Earnest - earnestj@trinity-health.org

Class of 1994

Shawna Lawrence - shawnamlawrence@yahoo.com

Class of 1995

Joei Pallett - Jodi_pallett@hotmail.com

Erika Mitchel (Steinberg) - steinb11@pilot.msu.edu

Shawn Robinson - robinsons@comcast.net

Class of 1996

Stacy Johnson (Carmean) - stacycarmean@yahoo.com

Class of 1997

Liz Lee Schullo - rphsclass1997@gmail.com

20th Class Reunion is July 29, 2017

Please email rphsclass1997@gmail.com for more reunion information and to update your contact information for our records.

Class of 1998

Amber Miller (Weerstra) - pug_dutch@yahoo.com

Annie Fraser - fireyangel@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1998, e-mail updated address information to rpclassof1998@yahoo.com.

Class of 1999

Nathan Stidham - stidhamn@curtis-wilbur.navy.mil

Ryan M. McCabe - ryan.m.mccabe@wmich.edu

Class of 2000

Class reunion information: rpclassof2000@yahoo.com

Courtney Green - green1980@yahoo.com

Lindsay Steinberg - linz92@aol.com

Class of 2001

Andrea Jones (Reichert) - anniekay623@aol.com

Andrea Cleland (Broughton) - ab31382@yahoo.com

Travis Eyestone - eyestont@trinity-health.org

Class of 2002

Heather Gunn - gunn007@bama.ua.edu

Brienne Hoover - Brienne_Hoover@cornerstone.edu

Megan Newsted - mjoy35@aol.com

Ryan Zietlow - ryjoez@yahoo.com

Class of 2004

Reunion information - RP2004reunion@yahoo.com

Send contact information to e-mail above.