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Hello Rocket Parents and Guardians,

I am “hyper” aware of the controversy, consternation, and concern across the district, county, state, and country when it comes to reopening schools in the middle of a pandemic.   I’m also “hyper” aware of the vast differences of opinion on multiple aspects of the topic.  I am in conversations and planning around and for this topic every day.

And… it would be irresponsible to not be working on a plan if, indeed, there is the chance for face-to-face instruction to occur.  The plan that is referenced in this video is a thought/idea/draft from which to build.  We have to have a starting point.  While MANY ideas have been proposed and vetted, this one “appears” to provide the most instruction, while simultaneously minimizing or lessening “exposure” to Covid-19.  It is FAR from perfect and will elicit a ton of questions.  Those questions will be at the “system” level, “building” level, “grade and department” level, and at the “individual and family” levels.

There are a couple of key things I’d like you to know before you consider watching the video that is linked below.  First of all, it is a bit long (about 28 minutes).  I want to be fully transparent with everything we are trying to plan for, and to make it shorter for convenience or “watchability” sake, would take away from what many of you want to know.  Secondly, if we are “in person” in the fall, there WILL be a full “virtual” option through “Rocket Virtual”, that any student/family would be able to choose.  Third, our plan is NOT to survive this pandemic educationally, but to THRIVE!  Our kids, staff, and community CAN thrive through and beyond this time.  Fourth, at about the 2:20 mark of the video, I say “It’s now June 15.”  I’m actually taping it on July 15.  I doubt if that is the only mistake.  Getting the “essence” of this message to you was more important to me than making it perfect.

Please watch the 28 minute “relatively informal” presentation at the link below.  I would encourage you to copy and paste the required password, as the automatically generated password is easy to mistype. 


Password: 1X.4=!6+

When you watch this, please remember… we have to start somewhere.

Stay well.



Steve Edwards, Superintendent

Reeths-Puffer Schools