R-P Schools News

Good morning Rockets,

Kids have questions, parents have questions, staff have questions.... and they are all understandable.

And... with this being an unprecedented event, without a previous plan upon which to build, some answers are going to take a little time.

Here is the one thing that I KNOW for sure: Last night, the Governor directed public schools to close starting Monday through Sunday, April 5th. As I stated in previous messages, if "directed to", we will close. There really isn't an option.

There are a TON of unknowns right now.

What does that mean for MS and HS grades? What does that mean for the dates of the original spring break and travel plans? What does that mean for the end of the year; will the year be extended? What does that mean for extra and co-curriculars? What does that mean for breakfast and lunch during this time?

I will be working with our team, in addition to my colleagues across the county and state, to answer as many questions as possible today.

HERE is ONE THING I would suggest; If you want accurate information, please refer to my emails or other modes of communication from me. After they are sent, my assistant will also post them to our website. Social media posts from people not in the schools, even if they are well intentioned, are probably based upon opinion, rumor, or hearsay. I think we need one source of information relative to how we will be handling things; for better or for worse, that is me. Trust me; it's not an "ego" thing; it is a "flow of accurate information" thing.

Expect more updates from me today.


Steve Edwards, Superintendent