Rocket City

You won’t find Rocket City on a map, but it does exist.  Your GPS won’t locate Rocket City either, but it’s definitely a destination worth reaching.  Rocket City is Reeths-Puffer Schools. Our border stretches over five different townships, but our mission focuses on only one goal: success.  Success for our students in the classroom, in college and in life.  Success for our families who roll up their sleeves and care for a school system second to none.  Success from an unrivaled faculty fueled by innovation and compassion, and educated by over 250 college degrees.  Rocket City isn’t like any other city, because Reeths-Puffer isn’t like any other school.

You won’t find Rocket City on a map, and you won’t find a better place to launch your academic career.
  Rocket City is Reeths-Puffer Schools.