Middle School Athletics

Updated: 10-21-18


For schedules, pictures, and other information visit the Reeths-Puffer Middle School Athletics Web Page.


An updated physical (dated after 4-15-18) must be on file prior to participation in any sport.  Physical Form



Fall 2018


Sideline Cheer:

Kelsie Cook and Lydia Dinger- cheer.rpms@gmail.com


Cross Country: (http://rpmscc.blogspot.com) 6th Graders are eligible

Eric Grant - egrant@pliantplastics.com

Lindsay Keefe - linz92@gmail.com


Football: Reeths-Puffer Middle School football page

8th: Gary Niklasch - niklaschg@reeths-puffer.org

       Zach Webb - webbz@reeths-puffer.org

7th: Josh Glick - glickj@reeths-puffer.org

       Brice Warner - warnerb@reeths-puffer.org

       Blair Ross - rossjr4@yahoo.com



8th: Jessica Radecki - radeckij@reeths-puffer.org

7th: Sam Carillo - volleysamantha3@gmail.com


Winter 1  2018


Boys Basketball: 

8th: Matt Pallett - pallettm@reeths-puffer.org

7th: Matt Kemp - kempm@reeths-puffer.org

8th Green: Jordan Darcy - Msutarheel33@yahoo.com 

7th White: Jordan Riley - coachjriley6@gmail.com


Competitive Cheer: 

Kelsie Cook - kelsieleecook@gmail.com

Competitive Cheer Schedule - Coming


Winter 2 - 2019


Girls Basketball: 

8th: Matt Pallett – pallettm@reeths-puffer.org

7th Matt Kemp – kempm@reeths-puffer.org


Wrestling: (6th Graders are eligible)

Josh Glick - glickj@reeths-puffer.org

Dillon McCarthy - mccarthyd@reeths-puffer.org 


Spring 2019



Angie Grant – granta@reeths-puffer.org

Keith Terpstra – terpstrak@reeths-puffer.org

Zach Webb – webbz@reeths-puffer.org