Friends and SALSA

Friends and SALSA


Click here for a list of vocabulary words for this unit. 



Georgia Public Broadcasting offers a Spanish series for young viewers called SALSA. In class we watch these SALSA episodes to listen for the words we are studying. Click on the links below to view each episode, please note the dates when viewed in class and refrain from watching them earlier. 


SALSA 101: Goldilocks and the three bears   (watched the week of 10/13)

SALSA 102: Making soup  (watched the week of 10/19)

SALSA 103: The new chair   (watched the week of 10/26)

SALSA 104: Hide and seek    (watched the week of 11/16)

SALSA 105: The birthday party  (watched the week of 11/23)

SALSA 106: Too many cooks (watched the week of 12/7)


SALSA  107: Little red riding hood (watched the week of 1/18)

SALSA 108: Disguises (watched the week of 1/25)

SALSA 109: Manners (watched the week of 2/8) 

SALSA 110: Gutbusters (watched the week of 2/8)

SALSA 111: Little Blue Riding Hood ( watched the week of 2/15)

SALSA 112: The Wolf's Share (watched the week of 2/22)


SALSA 113: Three Clever Goats (watched the week of 2/29) 

SALSA 114: Special Delivery (watched the week of 3/7) 

SALSA 115: Quiz Show (watched the week of 3/14) 

SALSA 116: Monster Mayhem (watched the week of 3/21) 

SALSA 117: Happy Birthday, Monster (watched the week of 3/28) 

SALSA 118: Highway Robbery 


SALSA 119: The Little Red Hen 

SALSA 120: The Armadillo's Hamburgers

SALSA 121: The Fruit Fiasco

SALSA 122: Finally Nine

SALSA 123: Quiz Show II: The Broken Glasses 

SALSA 124: A Dark and Stormy Night