Free Energy Tracking Tool

Free Energy Dashboard for Community

Reeths-Puffer Schools is pleased to announce the availability of a free online energy tracking tool.  The free website, named GreenQuest, is a personal energy dashboard that enables community members to track and analyze the energy use for their home or place of business.  According to Andy Hanichen, R-P Energy Manager, the district is providing GreenQuest to the community in order to educate, raise awareness, and promote energy conservation.

About GreenQuest

At GreenQuest, district residents can track their energy use and cost; compare their building with its peers; evaluate energy saving projects; track their carbon footprint; analyze energy use with AccuWeather weather data; and as an option, obtain an ENERGY STARR building rate (for commercial buildings).  The service is completely free for community members and it's safe and secure - no confidential user information (account numbers, etc.) is entered into GreenQuest.


Andy Hanichen is a strong proponent of energy tracking:  "We use an energy management software program to track the utility bills for all district buildings and have found it to be invaluable.  When you want to save energy and reduce your carbon emissions, the first step is to track your usage.  With GreenQuest, we're giving every household and business in the district a powerful tool to do the same thing."


We recommend you start by entering two years of electric, water and fuel (gas, oil or propane) bills. You'll see how you compare with other similar users in your area, spot costly utility bill errors, get an accurate carbon footprint... even learn how much of an impact the weather has on your electricity and fuel consumption. As GreenQuest brings your boring utility bill data to life, don't be surprised if a few money and environment-savings ideas sprout up!


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