Rocket Scholars Foundation - $10,000 Ticket to the Future Fundraiser


The Rocket Scholars Foundation held another successful $10,000 Ticket to the Future fundraiser.   All proceeds from this event go toward scholarships for Reeths-Puffer graduates.



The Rocket Scholars Foundation has awarded scholarships to four Reeths-Puffer graduates every year beginning in 2009.


2009 Recipients:

     Rocket Scholars Scholarship - Shannon Carvey, Steven Sohasky, Kristine Stafford and Ariel Vida


2010 Winners:

     April Anne Boss Scholarship - Benjamin Daunais

     Rocket Scholars Scholarship - James Cole, Ryan Hall, Jennifer Wilson


2011 Recipients:

     April Anne Boss Scholarship -

     Rocket Scholars Scholarship -


2012 Recipients:

     April Anne Boss Scholarship - Marquis Munday

     Rocket Scholars Scholarship - Alex Evans, Annie Somerville, Stephany Zahl 


2013 Recipients:

     April Anne Boss Scholarship - Rachel Britton

     Rocket Scholars Scholarship - Rachel Britton, Morgan Jones, Wiliam J. Miller, Jr.