9001  -  School Community Relations (Cf. 1220)
               Goals and Objectives
9010  -  Public Information Program
               Public's Right to Know (Cf. 1370)
               School-Sponsored Information Media
               Hazardous Materials or Conditions
9020  -  News Media Relations (Cf. 1400, 9190)
               News Releases
               News Conferences and Interviews
9060  -  Information and Campaigns
               Use of Students
9100  -  Board-Community Relations
               Community Involvement in Decision-Making
               Student Community Activities and Performances
9170  -  Solicitations
               Solicitations in Schools
               Solicitation of Students
               Solicitation by Students
9190  -  Interviews with Students
9230  -  School Volunteers
               General Principles
9250  -  Use of District Facilities
               Fees and Rental Charges
               Lease Arrangements
               Use of District Facilities for Prayer or Religious Purposes During the School 
               Religious Accommodation in the Use of District Facilities
               Gymnasium and Cafeteria
               Buildings and Grounds
               Federal Compliance
9290  -  Crowd Control at School Sponsored Activities
               Definition of Disturbances or Disorders
9300  -  Alcohol and Smoke Free Schools, Grounds, Vehicles and Facilities
               Tobacco Products
               Alcoholic Beverages
9350  -  Public Gifts and Bequests
               Gifts to Schools
               Income From Gifts and Bequests
               Gifts by District Employees
               Gifts to District Employees
               Students' Gifts to Staff Members
               Students' Gifts to the School
               Faculty Gifts to Students
9370  -  Free Materials Distribution in Schools
               Political Campaign Materials
               Special Interest Materials
               SN Includes advertising in school publications, on school property and
                     sponsored advertising of school events
                Advertising in the Schools
                Use of Religious Materials
                Dissemination of Religious Materials
9400  -  Visitors to the Schools
               Public/Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Visitors to the Schools
9410  -  Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Visitation of Classrooms
9450  -  Complaints
               About Policies
               About Curriculum
               About Instructional Materials
               About Facilities and Services
               About Personnel
9470  -  Loitering - Unauthorized Persons
9500  -  Relations with Other School Districts
9520  -  School-Community Cooperation (Cf. 9250)
9530  -  School-Community Program
9540  -  School-General Government Relations
9570  -  Relations with Law Enforcement and Investigating Authorities
9600  -  Relationship with Planning Authorities
9610  -  Relationship with Zoning Authorities
9620  -  Relations with Political Organizations (Cf. 7760)
               SN For use to record relationships with intermediate governmental bodies
                     between the local and state levels- county, regional, and/or metropolitan
9670  -  Relations with Federal Governmental Authorities
9710  -  Relations with Parent/Guardian Organizations (Cf. 9730)
9720  -  Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and School Partnerships
9730  -  Relationship with Booster Organizations (Cf. 9710)
9800  -  Work Agreements for Vocational and Pre-Vocational Components
               Agreements with Private Individuals
               Agreements with Private Business or Industry
               Agreements with Non-Profit Organizations
9820  -  Intermediate District Relations (Cf. 1300)
9830  -  Colleges and Universities (Cf. 7648)
9840  -  Student Teaching and Internships
9900  -  Education Research Agencies
9920  -  School Accreditation
9950  -  State Education Agency Relations