Staff Directory - Middle School

Middle School Staff Directory

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Name Department Phone
Anderson, Jennifer Administration 744-4721 x4005

Assistant Principal

Name Department Phone
Siembida, Paul Administration 744-1647 x3712


Name Department Phone
Pitts, Sharon Secretary 744-4721 x4001
Schuppe, Kristen Secretary 744-4721 x4000


Name Department Phone
Mitchelson, Janis Counseling 744-4721 x4009


Name Department Phone
Harris, Tracey Art 744-4721 x4604
Kennert, Molly Foreign Language 744-9280 x4601 or 2126
Kotecki, Julie Foreign Language 744-4721 x4606
Leibrandt, Courtney Foreign Language 744-4721 x4605
Petersen, Alicia Foreign Language 744-1647
Couch, Roxanne Language Arts 744-4721 x4801
Curle, Kim Language Arts 744-4721 x4132
Howard, Kevin Language Arts 744-4721 x4701
Kroll, Katie Language Arts 744-4721
Wathen, Erin Language Arts 744-4721 x4133
Vincent, Joan Library/Media Center 744-1647 x3772 or 4050
Becklin, Brandon Math 744-4721 x4707
Hall, Heidi Math 744-4721 x4806
Stingle, Trista Math 744-4721 x4807
Terpstra, Kelsey Math 744-4721 x4708
Wathen, Erin Math 744-4721 x4133
Erne, Richard Music 744-4721 x4404
Ross, Deidra Music 744-4721 x4401
Tescari, Mark Physical Education 744-4721 x4603
DuBois, Kenneth Science 744-4721 x4805
Kriesel, Mary Science 744-4721 x4706
Newville, Sally Science 744-4721 x4704
Pallett, Matthew Science 744-4721 x4804
Webb, Zachary Science 744-4721 x4702
Terpstra, Keith Social Studies 744-4721 x4803
Whelpley, Austin Social Studies 744-4721 x4802
Wojtas, Karla Social Studies 744-4721 x4703
Grant, Angela Special Education 744-4721 x4131
Kramer, Kelly Special Education 744-4721 x4808
O'Neill, Maureen Special Education 744-4721 x4134
Sherman, Ashley Special Education 744-4721 x4500


Name Department Phone
Arnoldi, Kathleen Special Education 744-1647 x3683

Social Worker

Name Department Phone
Hayden, Glenn Special Education 744-4721 x3714
Naff, Sarah Special Education 766-3443 x3717

Speech Therapist

Name Department Phone
Raynor, Julie Special Education 744-1693 x2545


Name Department Phone
Balkema, Brenda Special Education 744-9280
Craigie, Jill Special Education 744-4777
Fagan, Kristi Special Education 744-4721
Schmidt, Debra Special Education
Tallefson, Amy Special Education 744-1693
Wells, Stacey Special Education 744-4721