Welcome to Reeths Puffer's Love and Logic reference page.  "Love and Logic is an institute dedicated to making parenting fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and chaotic.  They provide practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children."


What is Love and Logic?

"Children learn the best lessons when they're given a task and allowed to make their own choices (and fail) when the cost of failure is still small.  Children's's failures must be coupled with love and empathy from their parents and teachers."


Jim Fay - Founder

Foster Cline, M.D. - Founder and Psychiatrist

Charles Fay, Ph.D. - Psychologist


I have had the good fortune of training under all three gentlemen and can't imagine not having the tools of Love and Logic for my jobs as a counselor and a parent.  Love and Logic is not for the faint of heart.  Holding children accountable on paper is easier said than done.  We are usually better at knowing what other parents should be doing with their children than we are at holding our own children accountable. 


I encourage you to explore the Love and Logic web site.  I also have links to some of my favorite resources.  You will find the next dates to the next Love and Logic Classes published on this page.  Usually they are offered in the fall. 


Enjoy parenting again!

Kelley Peel