The Quantile Framework for Mathematics


What is a Quantile measure?


A quantile score is a measurement of a student's ability to think "mathematically" based on a hierarchy of math skills, concepts and applications. 


What does a student's Quantile measure mean?


A Quantile measure identifies how well a student understands mathematical concepts and skills for his/her grade level.   For example, if a students had a high quantile measure for his/her grade level, it is likely that this student does not struggle with mathematical concepts. 


What is the benefit of knowing a student's Quantile measurement?


Knowing a student's quantile measurement benefits the student and teacher in two ways.  First it lets the teacher know how likely the student is to struggle with the mathematical concepts to be covered in class.  Secondly, it enables the teacher to more easily provide materials, instruction and support for that student at a quantile appropriate level. 


How are students assessed?

  • Students' Quantile measures are determined through the use of the Scholastic Mathematics Inventory.
  • The SMI is an interactive, non timed test which determines students' mathematical understanding in quantiles.
  • Students are assessed three times a year - September, January and May.