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Citizenship at R-P Middle School







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The academic and social habits developed during Middle School lay a foundation for personal and academic growth for years to come.  In many ways, the lessons learned during these important years mold our “attitudes” for years to come.  We expect students to work hard and display “grit,” to be good citizens and live and work in harmony with others;  we feel that educating students in responsible citizenship is part of our responsibility to the community - part of Reaching Higher.


To focus on citizenship, R-P Middle School is committed to raising awareness of “Respect” – “Time Management” and “Attendance” in a citizenship score for your student in addition to grades and attendance as a part of our communication about their performance in the classroom. 


The above rubric will provide insights into citizenship for each class your student has, and will be reported beginning with this 1st Marking Period Grade report at R-P Middle School.



Mean and aggressive behavior



Click on the graphic below to view the RPMS Mean and Aggressive Behavior rubric. The rubric can also be found in the RPMS Student Handbook. Mean and Aggressive rubric