March 28

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Pork BBQ on bun or stuffed crust pizza, chick pea salad, mixed fruit, milk


March 31

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Corn dog or chicken nuggets, steamed carrots, mandarin oranges, milk


April 1

Cheese omelet, toast, juice, milk


Salad bar or chicken nuggets, cucumbers & green peppers, apple, milk


April 2

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Nachos or chicken nuggets, corn, pears, milk


April 3

Breakfast bagel, juice, milk


Fiestada (Mexican pizza) or chicken nuggets, steamed broccoli, peaches, milk


April 4



April 7-11



April 14

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Chicken tenders or turkey wrap, potato starz, pears, milk


April 15

Scrambled eggs, toast, juice, milk


French bread pizza or turkey wrap, broccoli/raisin salad, pineapple, milk


April 16

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Soft tacos or turkey wrap, refried beans, grapes, milk


April 17

Egg/cheese muffin, juice, milk


April 18



April 21

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Cheesy flatbread or ham sandwich, steamed carrots, apple, milk


April 22

Breakfast cookie, juice, milk


Cheeseburger or ham sandwich, romaine salad, orange wedges, milk


April 23

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Nachos or ham sandwich, black bean/corn salsa, banana, milk


April 24

Pancakes, juice, milk


Chicken drummie or ham sandwich, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, pears, milk


April 25

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Fish shapes or ham sandwich, green peppers & cucumbers, applesauce, milk


April 28

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk


Popcorn chicken or Tony's pizza, green beans, peaches, milk


April 29

Apple filled breadstick, juice, milk


Salad bar or Tony's pizza, carrot sticks, grapes, milk


April 30



Cereal, toast, fruit, milk













USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Breakfast - $1.20

Non-sugared cereal offered daily

Lunch - $2.40

Extra fruit and veggies  offered daily

Milk - $.40

1% White or Fat Free chocolate 


All students are required to take a serving of fruit or vegetable as part of their meal.


Student Wellness Practices