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Name Department Phone
Smith, Nate Administration 744-9280 x2155

Assistant Principal

Name Department Phone
Kunnen, Nicholas Administration 744-9280 x2157


Name Department Phone
Thomas, Joan Secretary 744-9280 x2151
Fox, Natalie N/A 744-9280 x2100


Name Department Phone
Peel, Kelley Counseling 744-9280 x2124


Name Department Phone
Jacoby, Rhonda English Language Arts 744-9280 x2136
Walters, Leesha English Language Arts 744-9280
Carter, Christopher 5th Grade 744-9280 x2111
Carter, Tracey 5th Grade 744-9280 x2116
Coyne, Annie 5th Grade 744-9280 x2112
Garza, Shawn 5th Grade 744-9280
Grant, Darin 5th Grade 744-9280 x2104
Hazard, Julie 5th Grade 744-9280 x2102
Overway, Melisa 5th Grade 744-9280 x2103
Peterman, Holly 5th Grade 744-9280 x2114
Riley, Anne 5th Grade 744-9280 x2148
Spring-Vanderven, Christine 5th Grade 744-9280 x2152
Emms, Stephanie 6th Grade 744-9280 x2140
Fitzpatrick, Martha 6th Grade 744-9280 x2138
Johnson, Lance 6th Grade 744-9280 x2137
Kaplan, Shannon 6th Grade 744-9280 x2139
McKinnon, Cari 6th Grade 744-9280
McNarland, Amy 6th Grade 744-9280 x2143
Niklasch, Amy 6th Grade 744-9280 x2134
Witczak, Brett 6th Grade 744-9280 x2142
Daniels, Eugene Art 231 744-9280 x2120
Kingma, Lisa Foreign Language 744-4777 x2125
Erne, Richard Music 744-4721 x4404
Hodson, Charles Music 744-1647 x3771
Olian, Brian Music 744-1647 x3771
Ross, Deidra Music 744-4721 x4401 or 2122
Gervais, Eric Physical Education 744-4721 x2162
Davidson, Virginia Spanish 744-9280 x2126
Beidler, Kimberly Special Education 744-9280 x2113
Broilo, Kristen Special Education 744-9280 x2146
Mikesell, Dana Special Education 744-9280 x2147
Zaloga, Suzanne Special Education 744-9280 x2186
Skodack, Julie Technology 744-9280 x2119

Occupational Therapist

Name Department Phone
Rosel, Mindy Special Education

Social Worker

Name Department Phone
Swanson, Sue Special Education 744-9280 x2156

Speech Therapist

Name Department Phone
Miller, Stacey Special Education 744-9280 x2184
Nimtz, Kendra Special Education 744-9280 x2159 or 2224


Name Department Phone
Balkema, Brenda Special Education 744-9280
Craigie, Jill Special Education 744-4777
Eacker, Jenelle Special Education 744-9280
Graham, Vicki Special Education 744-4777
Homa, Karen Special Education 744-4777
Myers, Sarah Special Education 744-4777
Schmidt, Debra Special Education
Stanek, Heather Special Education 744-9280