April 30



May 1

French dip, cole slaw, fruit, milk


May 2

BBQ ranch chicken pizza, carrots, fruit, milk


May 5

Chicken alfredo, broccoli, fruit, milk


May 6

Sloppy Joe's, ranch fries, fruit, milk


May 7

Nachos, refried beans, fruit, milk


May 8

Philly cheese steak, cucumbers, fruit, milk


May 9

Chicken nuggets, carrots, fruit, milk


May 12

Spaghetti w/ meat balls, green beans, fruit, milk


May 13

Hot dog bar, macaroni salad, baked beans, fruit, milk


May 14

Chicken fajitas, corn, fruit, milk


May 15

Macaroni & cheese w/ ham, candied carrots, fruit, milk


May 16

Oriental chicken salad, mandarin oranges, bread & butter, milk


May 19

Chicken parmesan sandwich, carrot salad, fruit, milk


May 20

Calzones, cucumber & tomato salad, fruit, milk



May 21

Chicken & cheese enchiladas, red beans and rice, fruit, milk


May 22

Pride Day Lunch


May 23

Puffer bowl w/ popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, roll, fruit, milk


May 26



May 27

Ravioli, salad, fruit, milk


May 28

Nachos, refried beans, fruit, milk


May 29

Turkey casserole, green beans, fruit, milk


May 30

Cook's choice, vegetable, fruit, milk


June 2

Cook's choice, vegetable, fruit, milk


June 3

9-12 AM ONLY


June 4

9-12 AM ONLY


June 5

9-12 AM ONLY

High school last day!







High School

Food Service

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Full Pay $2.75

Reduced $0.40


All students are required to take a serving of fruit or vegetable as part of their meal.


Items available daily:



Veggie Burger

Chicken Sandwich

Fish Sandwich


Small Salad



Milk 1% white, Fat Free chocolate



Deli Items:

Caesar Salad

Chicken Cranberry Walnut Salad

Chef Salad

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Turkey Wrap

Sandwich Plates

(turkey, ham, tuna, or chicken salad on varieties of bread)

All deli items are complete meals just grab a milk and go!


Extra vegetables and fruit offered daily.


Student Welness Practices