SAT Resources

SAT Resources

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From the College Board

SAT Paper Pencil Practice Tests 

Simulate test day with these official practice tests


Understanding SAT Scores

Understand how to interpret SAT scores

Compare SAT Scores to ACT scores (converter)

Understand how the SAT essay is scored and the items for which readers look


Test Overviews


SAT Daily Practice



Official SAT Practice from Khan Academy

Personalized practice experience based on PSAT scores

Targeted Instructional Videos

Practice tests (each subject area must be completed in one setting)


Big Future Resources

How to Prepare for the SAT

Admission Test Myths


SAT Resources from Learning Express Library

The SAT resources offer test taking strategies specific to each test.  Four practice tests are available for each subject area tested (reading, writing and language, math and essay). All tests are scored and an explanation for all incorrect answers is provided so students can learn from incorrect answers.  In addition, there is a downloadable e-book specific to math preparation.  


Students must create an account for Learning Epxress Library at school.  Please create this account using your R-P e-mail address.  Once this account has been created at school, Learning Express Library can be accessed off site.   


SAT materials are accessed via the College Preparation Center with Learning Express Library.  




SAT Turbo Test

Kaplan SAT Question of the Day