Lexiles - High School

The Lexile Framework


What is a Lexile and how is it determined?


A Lexile measure is an indicator of how difficult a text is to comprehend based upon:

  • Word Frequency
  • Sentence Length
What is the purpose of determining Lexile levels?
  • To assess the reading difficulty to texts
  • To assess students' ranges of reading comprehension
  • To predict how well a student is likely to comprehend a particular text
How are students assessed?
  • Students' Lexile levels are measured using the Scholastic Reading Inventory or SRI
  • The SRI is an interactive test that determines students' comprehension ranges in Lexiles
  • Students are assessed three times a year - September, January and May
Do Lexile levels correlate to grade levels?
  • Lexile ranges have been identified according to "At Risk," "Basic," "Proficient," and "Advanced."
  • The range increases for each grade level



  At-Risk  Basic Proficient Advanced
 9th Grade 649L and Below 650L - 999L 1000L - 1200L 1201L and Above 
 10th Grade 699L and Below 700L - 1024L 1025L - 1250L 1251L and Above
 11th Grade 799L and Below 800L - 1049L 1050L - 1300L 1301L and Above