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To view a helpful guidebook about affording college, produced by the State of Michigan, Click here




US News Colleges and Career Center

This comprehensive site offers college selection help, the opportunity to apply online, testing hints, loan and other financial aid advice.  Link Arrow

College Board Online

This site has information helpful for college selection and financial planning.  Includes the worksheet “Expected Family Contribution” which enables you to determine how much money a family is expected to contribute to college costs. Link Arrow

College Guides and Admissions

This is a comprehensive site with a multitude of links to other equally as good sites.  The two components of this site are “College Financial Aid” and “College Choice and Admissions.”  Links include “100 Successful College Application Essays, Best 310 Colleges, Fiske Guide to Colleges, Financial Aid for selected groups and Financial Aid Information Page. Link Arrow


College and University Home Pages

Search for a post-secondary school by name or location.  Includes survey results of the best college web pages. Link Arrow

Fundsnet Online Services

Fundsnet Online Services provides information to high school and college students seeking financial aid and scholarship information. Link Arrow


FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page

An excellent site!  Information on how to find valuable financial aid assistance for college. Link Arrow


Peterson's Education Center

An excellent site!  The place to go to search for information on financial aid and details on more than 3,300 accredited undergraduate institutions.  Also includes vocational schools. Link Arrow


Department of Education

This is the home page for student financial assistance. Link Arrow

Financial Aid Resource Publications, US Department of Education

This site outlines general information on student aid programs such as Pell Grants and the Family Education Loan and Direct Student Loan Programs.  It also provides a synopsis of borrowers’ rights and responsibilities, student eligibility, and application deadlines. Link Arrow



Universal Algorithms, Inc.

This site, sponsored by Universal Algorithms, Inc., allows families to search a database for information on schools based on location, type, tuition range, and enrollment. Link Arrow


The Educational Testing Service, creators of tests such as the SAT, GRE, TOEFL, and others, have now gone online with a wealth of data for students and educators about these important exams.  Visitors will find practice test questions, job listings, financial aid information, and sample tests to download. Link Arrow



Financial Aid Search Through the Web

The financial aid information pages are one of the best collections of free student financial aid information available on the Internet.  Search for college scholarships, internships, loan and saving opportunities. Link Arrow


College Search and Financial Aid

This is a free online college search service with profiles of more than 3,700 colleges and universities. Link Arrow


College Power Prep

SAT and ACT practice tests.  Allows you to download free test practice software. Link Arrow


Career Resource Center

This site calls itself the Internet’s most complete and extensive index of career related web sites. Link Arrow



Homepage of the ACT organization, provides information about the ACT, test preparation suggestions, and practice tests. Link Arrow