Staff Directory - Twin Lake Elementary

Staff Directory

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Name Department Phone
Schmitt, Dawn Administration 719-3190 x2225


Name Department Phone
Wilkinson, Donna Secretary 719-3190 x2200


Name Department Phone
Greene, Heather Kindergarten 719-3190 x2209
Monaweck, Beth Kindergarten 719-3190 x2201
Palazzolo, Mary Kindergarten 719-3190 x2202
Olsen, Rosemary 1st Grade 719-3190 x2211
Zweigle, Aimee 1st Grade 719-3190 x2210
Seng, Jessica 1st & 2nd Grade Multi-Age Classroom 719-3190 x2218
Kinstner, Susan 2nd Grade 719-3190 x2213
Kolbe, Allison 2nd Grade 719-3190 x2215
Miller, Barbara 3rd Grade 719-3190 x2217
Richards, Kevin 3rd Grade 719-3190 x2219
Rice, Mari 4th Grade 719-3190 x2221
Schuppe, Tim 4th Grade 719-3190 x2220
Civis, Robin Art 719-3190 x2205
Garibay, Tamlin Math 744-1693
Brechting, Gail Music 744-9280 x2179
Hvambsal-Rosema, Beth Physical Education 744-9280 x2174
Dragoo, Tracey Reading Specialist 744-1693
Zeeff, Amy Spanish 744-9280
Adams, Jenna Special Education 719-3190 x2204
Knowles, Andrea Special Education 766-3443

Social Worker

Name Department Phone
Naff, Sarah Special Education 766-3443 x3717

Speech Therapist

Name Department Phone
Symons, Kylie Special Education 744-9280 x2044


Name Department Phone
Dunn, Christina Special Education 719-3190
Greve, Rhonda Special Education 719-3190
Kroll, Kathy Special Education 719-3190
Stoltzfus, Jacki Special Education 719-3190