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Staff Directory

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Name Department Phone
Klimsza, Paul Administration 744-4777 x2030

Dean of Students

Name Department Phone
Turner, Pam Administration 744-4777 x2035


Name Department Phone
Goudzwaard, Nancy Secretary 744-4777 x2031
Posner, Linda N/A 744-4777 x2032


Name Department Phone
Davidson, Virginia Developmental Kindergarten 744-9280 x2008
Portice, Samantha Kindergarten 744-4777
Prysock, Lori Kindergarten 744-4777 x2026
Reed, Danielle Kindergarten 744-4777
Reid, Julie Kindergarten 744-4777 x2027
VanderMeer, Kathy Kindergarten 744-4777 x2025
Griswold, Kelly 1st Grade 744-4777 x2020
Hernandez, Alecia 1st Grade 744-4777
Radecki, Jessica 1st Grade 744-4777 x2024
Ross, Amy 1st Grade 744-4777 x2022
Veihl, Laura 1st Grade 744-4777 x2021
Cooper, Stephanie 2nd Grade 744-4777 x2009
Schilling, Julie 2nd Grade 744-4777 x2007
Shafer, Sarah 2nd Grade 744-4777 x2010
Wahlberg, Michelle 2nd Grade 744-4777 x2007
Wheeler, Mandy 2nd Grade 744-4777 x2006
Yarian, Amy 2nd Grade 744-4777 x2011
Clarke, Douglas 3rd Grade 744-4777 x2001
Disselkoen, Nicole 3rd Grade 744-4777 x2004
Matz, April 3rd Grade 744-4777 x2002
Nelson, Christina 3rd Grade 744-4777 x2005
Woolley, Breann 3rd Grade 744-4777 x2003
Hulbert, Beverly 4th Grade 744-4777 x2107
Krukowski, Shari 4th Grade 744-4777 x2106
Pflaum, Barbara 4th Grade 744-4777 x2109
Stolzman, Dana 4th Grade 744-4777 x2108
VanDusen, Pamela 4th Grade 744-4777
Kingma, Lisa Foreign Language 744-4777 x2125
Carlson, Carrie Math 744-4777 x2041
Mixter, Jessica Math 744-4777 x2042
Brechting, Gail Music 744-9280 x2179
Hvambsal-Rosema, Beth Physical Education 744-9280 x2174
Brainard, Lynelle Reading Specialist 744-4777 x2015
Rathbun, Sonya Reading Specialist 744-4777 x2045
Bryson, Brenda Spanish 744-4777 x2105
Zeeff, Amy Spanish 744-9280
Lisman, Amy Special Education 744-4777 x2014
Ronning, Sue Special Education 744-4777 x2153
Sheffer, Denise Special Education 744-4777 x2039
Zaloga, Suzanne Special Education 744-9280 x2186


Name Department Phone
Cavanaugh, Brett Special Education 744-4777 x2043

Social Worker

Name Department Phone
Foster, Sherrie Special Education 744-4777 x2040

Speech Therapist

Name Department Phone
Freye, Jennifer Special Education 744-4777 x2038
Miller, Stacey Special Education 744-9280
Symons, Kylie Special Education 744-9280 x2044


Name Department Phone
Eden, Pam Special Education 744-9280
Kramer, Lisa Special Education 744-4777
Landis, Andrea Special Education 744-4777
Smith, Renae Special Education 744-4777
Stafford, Linda Special Education 744-4777