Food Service Menu - Reeths-Puffer Elementary

Food Service Menu



January 31 (subject to change due to snow days)

Bagel w/ topping, fruit, milk

Nachos or stuffed crust pizza, corn, pears, milk


Feb 1 (subject to change due to snow days)

Yogurt, granola, fruit, milk

Ham & cheese croissant or stuffed crust pizza, baked beans, peaches, milk


Feb 4 (subject to change due to snow days)

Cereal, grahams, fruit, milk

Mini ravioli w/ cheese stick or chicken tenders, green beans, mandarin oranges, milk


Feb 5

Pancakes, juice, milk

Fiestada or chicken tenders, steamed carrots, peaches, milk


Feb 6

Cereal, grahams, fruit, milk

Salad bar w/ goldfish crackers or chicken tenders, broccoli, pears, milk


Feb 7

Omelet, toast, fruit, milk

Chicken fajitas or chicken tenders, corn, apple, milk


Feb 8

Yogurt, granola, fruit, milk

(H)Sloppy Joe's or chicken tenders, chick pea salad, grapes, milk


Feb 11

Cereal, grahams, fruit, milk

Spaghetti w/ meatballs or Tony's pizza, green beans, pineapple, milk


Feb 12

Bagel w/ topping, juice, milk

Chicken drummie or Tony's pizza, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed fruit, milk


Feb 13

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk

Salad bar w/ animal crackers or Tony's pizza, steamed cauliflower, banana, milk


Feb 14

Egg cheese muffin, fruit, milk

(H)Chili or Tony's pizza, broccoli, pears, milk


Feb 15



Feb 18



Feb 19

Breakfast pizza, juice, milk

French toast sticks w/ sausage or chicken nuggets, hash browns, applesauce, milk


Feb 20

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk

Salad bar w/ pretzel nuggets or chicken nuggets, green peppers & cucumbers, banana, milk


Feb 21

Eggo waffles, fruit, milk

Soft tacos or chicken nuggets, broccoli raisin salad, mixed fruit, milk


Feb 22

Yogurt, granola, fruit, milk

Mini sub sandwich or chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, pineapple, milk


Feb 25

Cereal, grahams, fruit, milk

Cheeseburger or turkey wrap, baked beans, pears, milk


Feb 26

Pancakes, juice, milk

(H)BBQ chicken bites or turkey wrap, sweet potato tots, apple, milk


Feb 27

Cereal, toast, fruit, milk

Salad bar w/ bread & butter or turkey wrap, steamed broccoli, orange wedges, milk


Feb 28

Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, milk

Nachos or turkey wrap, corn, pineapple, milk