Welcome parents to the Spanish parent resource page. Below are the themes that we study by grade level. By clicking on the specific themes it will link you to various resources, games, and video clips that will help enhance your ability to practice vocabulary at home with your child.  


Kindergarten resources

FFriends and SALSA  (Sept-Oct.)

Colors and numbers (Oct.-Dec.)

Winter clothing  (Coming Soon)

Farm animals  (Coming Soon)

1st grade resources

Friends (Sept.-Nov.)

Colors, numbers, shapes, calendar  (Nov.-Jan.)

School items  (Coming Soon)

Clothing   (Coming Soon)

The body (Coming Soon)

Zoo animals (Coming Soon)


2nd grade resources

Friends (Sept.-Nov.)

School  (Nov.- Jan.)

Five senses  (Coming Soon)

Fruit and market  (Coming Soon)

Tropical rainforest   (Coming Soon)


3rd grade resources

Greetings, numbers and emotions  (Sept- Oct.)

Family and pets  (Oct.-Dec.) 

The house (Coming soon)

Community and transportation  (Coming Soon)

Restaurant  (Coming Soon)


4th grade resources

Physical description and personality  (Sept.- Dec.)

Hobbies  (Jan.-March)

Geography and continents  (Coming Soon)

Spanish speaking countries (Coming Soon)