Kindergarten - Central Elementary

Welcome to the Kindergarten Parent Resource Page. Below are the big ideas for Kindergarten in the areas of reading and math. By clicking on the specific “Big Ideas,” it will link you to various resources, games, and video clips that will help enhance your ability to practice skills and concepts at home with your child.



Our students will be asked to read more challenging texts and will need to refer back to the text to find examples (evidence) to support their answers. Students will be increasing their vocabulary skills to ensure they can read and comprehend the grade level materials and can apply the learning to real life situations. 


Letter Identification

Letter Sounds


Sight Words

Comprehension Strategies 



Our students will need to have deeper experiences, not necessarily more content. Children need to be able to develop their own thinking, not be told how to think. We will continue to challenge their understanding by asking them to explain their thinking and use a variety of strategies to help solve their problems.




Numbers 0-20

Addition and Subtraction 

Measurement  (Coming in the Spring)