3rd Grade - Central Elementary


Welcome parents to the Third Grade Parent resource page.  Below are the big ideas for Third Grade in the area of Reading and Math.  By clicking on the specific “Big Ideas” it will link you to various resources, games, and video clips that will help enhance your ability to practice skills and concepts at home with your child.  



Our students will be asked to read more challenging texts and will need to refer back to the text to find examples (evidence) to support their answers. Students will be increasing their vocabulary skills to ensure they can read and comprehend the grade level materials and can apply the learning to real life situations. The following items outline the major instructional concepts for Third Grade students in Reading.


Fluency (Coming Soon) - Reading with accuracy & fluency to support comprehension.


Word Study and Word Recognition  (Coming Soon)- Word sort activities.


Key Ideas & Details(Coming Soon) - Describe how characters respond to major events in a story. Identify main idea of a story and retell key details related to the main idea.


Craft & Structure (Coming Soon)- Explain the differences between books that tell stories and books that give information Compare and Contrast - Themes, setting, plots.



Our students will need to have deeper experiences, not necessarily more content.  Children need to be able to develop their own thinking, not be told how to think.  Continue to press their understanding by asking them to explain their thinking and use of various strategies they might use to solve the problems.


Multiplication -solve problems involving multiplication finding the unknown product.  8 x 7 = ?   (Coming this winter)


Division –finding the unknown factor.   ? x 7 = 56  (Coming this winter)


Addition & Subtraction - Add & subtract within 1000


Base Ten/Place Value- Understanding and use of place value properties to solve multi-digit problems.


Fractions - Understanding of “parts to a whole” and size of fraction compared to the whole.  (Coming this winter)


Measurement - Solve problems involving measurement and estimation (time, volume and mass). Understanding area and perimeter.   (Coming this winter)