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Name Department Phone
Lyons, Mike Administration 744-1693 x2535


Name Department Phone
Mackey, Tammy Secretary 744-1693 x2500
Zaagman, Cindy Secretary 744-1693 x2531


Name Department Phone
Farmer, Julie Kindergarten 744-1693
Smith, Sarah Kindergarten 744-1693 x2520
Tindall, Brandi Kindergarten 744-1693
Frazier, Shanna 1st Grade 744-1693 x2524
Mitchell, Laura 1st Grade 744-1693
Whitaker, Rita 1st Grade 744-1693 x2523
Langlois, Jen 1st & 2nd Grade Multi-Age Classroom 744-1693 x2525
Birr, Jordan 2nd Grade 644-1693
Mason, Jill 2nd Grade 744-1693 x2515
Nauta, Alyssa 2nd Grade 744-1693
Burmeister, Paul 3rd Grade 744-1693 x2511
English, Suzanne 3rd Grade 744-1693 x2504
Mack, Janet 3rd Grade 744-1693
Black, Jamie 4th Grade 744-1693 x2507
Bos, Beckie 4th Grade 744-1693 x2509
Wahr, Tavra 4th Grade 744-1693
Warren, Kristin 4th Grade 744-1693 x2508
Civis, Robin Art 744-1693 x2205/2623
Cartwright, Justin Foreign Language 744-1693 x2502
Garibay, Tamlin Math 744-1693
Brechting, Gail Music 744-9280 x2179
Hvambsal-Rosema, Beth Physical Education 744-9280 x2174
Dragoo, Tracey Reading Specialist 744-1693
Goodman, Diane Special Education 744-1693
Westgate, Linda Special Education 744-1693 x2532

Speech Therapist

Name Department Phone
VanPelt, Suzanne Special Education 744-1693


Name Department Phone
Leonard, Jennifer Special Education 744-1493
Ross, Jenee Special Education 744-1693