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Name BuildingPositionPhone & Extension
Adams, Jenna Twin Lake Elementary Teacher  719-3190 x2204 
Adams, Jera Administration Building Supervisor  744-4736 x1140 
Alfredson, Suellen High School Paraprofessional  744-1647 x3713 
Allen, Tracy District Social Worker  744-9280  
Anderson, Jennifer High School Assistant Principal  744-1647 x3701 
Antor, Marie Intermediate School Student Monitor  744-9280  
Arnoldi, Kathleen High School Psychologist  744-1647 x3683 
Arnoldi, Kathleen Middle School Psychologist  744-1647 x3683 
Austin, Patty Twin Lake Elementary Food Service  719-3190  
Balkema, Brenda Intermediate School Paraprofessional  744-9280  

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